Random Out of Order Post About Horror Movies Aug 2

You shouldn’t watch the following movies before a camping or RV trip.

1.       The Hills Have Eyes

2.       House of a Thousand Corpses

3.       House of Wax- (Although Paris Hilton’s performance was riveting)

They all have in common a premise that doesn’t bode well for the campers. For that reason, I didn’t bring the three movies on this trip. If curious, you can see which movies I did bring by looking at the "Movies" link. I have only watched the Harry Potter Movies so far.

I pulled into a family run campground in Houlton, Maine last night and was surprised to see how open it was. There were filled sites, but more were vacant. The attendant drove me to my spot, a nice and open grassy area with plenty of room for Mabel to run and chase birds. This campground was the opposite of the others I have stayed at. No kids riding bikes, no groups of campers, no community bonfires. The camper at the site a few over from mine went inside when I pulled up and I haven’t seen her since.

We walked before bed and the calm was eerie. Few lights dotted the campground and I was hoping to see some sort of life but it was quiet. My greatest fear would be to see the RV’s filled with mannequins possibly waving mechanically to me as I passed. I didn’t even have an exit plan, no idea what to take, or where to go if a Jason like figure emerged from the woods. More than likely I wouldn’t have made it. Mabel on the other hand, even with small legs is much faster than a horror film character.  

We returned to the camper and lasted through the night, no knives scraping on the camper door. Mabel and I hit the walking paths this morning and came upon a large, naturally overgrown field ringed by a mowed grass path.  As we walked, I was hoping that we wouldn’t come across a scattered pile of abandoned RV’s at the back corner of the property. Thankfully we made it without any horror movie scares, but some fun wondering “what if.”  

* This campground is nice and I would stay longer if more time. But the road calls us to Caribou and Fort Kent.